Putting social science to use for modern democracies.

Social Science Works is a social enterprise using social scientific knowledge to improve civil society. We offer services based on social research that create value for agents in the public, the academic and the non-profit sectors.

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We partner with governments, foundations, and civil society to apply social science in developing on the ground projects

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Second Opinions

We provide expert assessment of existing social research for governments, nonprofits, and journalists

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We teach academic social scientists to share and apply their research and help end users to correctly interpret it

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Science Watch

Ongoing commentary and publications on the quality and relevance of the academic social sciences

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The SSW Blog

Countering Radicalization: What the Research on Deliberation and Radicalization Teaches us

Could radicalization be prevented or reversed by bringing together those that have seemingly entered this path, with other not (yet) radicalized citizens, to discuss fundamental issues like: democracy, pluralism, freedom, autonomy, respect and gender? The research on deliberation and radicalization suggests that this might indeed be the most promising instrument available.   Deliberation Deliberation can […]

Tagesschau und die AFD: Nicht alles kann gezählt werden!

„Wer  Medien  als  unglaubwürdig  einstuft,  ist höchst unzufrieden mit dem Funktionieren der Demokratie.“ (Otto Brenner Stiftung 2017, S.1) Obwohl das Vertrauen in die Medien allgemein stabil zu sein scheint, gibt es doch große Teile der Bevölkerung in Deutschland, die immer weniger Vertrauen in die Presse haben und damit einhergehend auch weniger Vertrauen in die Institutionen […]

“Super Volunteerism”: A Grass-Roots Solution to Global Prejudice

An Anecdotal Foreword: The Case for Solution-Based Research and Inductive Reasoning By Christina Pao (Yale University ’20)   In summer 2017, I had the opportunity to volunteer for the International Rescue Committee (IRC) as a youth summer school instructor for newly-arrived refugees. I also had an unexpected opportunity to spend extended time near my grandmother […]


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