Putting social science to use for modern democracies.

Social Science Works is a social enterprise using social scientific knowledge to improve civil society. We offer services based on social research that create value for agents in the public, the academic and the non-profit sectors.

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We partner with governments, foundations, and civil society to apply social science in developing on the ground projects

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Second Opinions

We provide expert assessment of existing social research for governments, nonprofits, and journalists

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We teach academic social scientists to share and apply their research and help end users to correctly interpret it

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Science Watch

Ongoing commentary and publications on the quality and relevance of the academic social sciences

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The SSW Blog

Shy Tories & Virtue Signalling: How Labour Surged Online

The calm after the storm has settled in London. The UK has had its third national election in as many years after Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May called a snap election to shore up her party’s position ahead of the upcoming Brexit negotiations. Following a series of polls showing May enjoying a 20-point lead over Jeremy […]

How to deliberate fundamental values? Notes from Brandenburg on our approach and experiences.

By Hans Blokland   People hardly ever change their mind. The more they feel forced to justify themselves, the more they feel questioned, criticized, disrespected, and the smaller the chance that they will open their mind to other positions. This certainly is the case when values are involved: more than anything else, values – ideas […]

Taking people seriously: a new approach for countering populism and furthering integration.

by Hans Blokland In our deliberative democracy and integration projects[i] we treat our participants – natives as well as migrants – as citizens, able and willing to discuss in a rational way the big themes like democracy, freedom, tolerance or emancipation. We assume that rational deliberations on these topics are possible, provided that the social […]

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