Putting social science to use for modern democracies.

Social Science Works is a social enterprise using social scientific knowledge to improve civil society. We offer services based on social research that create value for agents in the public, the academic and the non-profit sectors.

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We partner with governments, foundations, and civil society to apply social science in developing on the ground projects

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Second Opinions

We provide expert assessment of existing social research for governments, nonprofits, and journalists

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We teach academic social scientists to share and apply their research and help end users to correctly interpret it

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Science Watch

Ongoing commentary and publications on the quality and relevance of the academic social sciences

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The SSW Blog

Why Does Fieldwork Matter? Reflections On Immersion, The Everyday & Knowledge Creation In Hong Kong

“If the RMB depreciates, Southbound trading goes through the roof!” A conversation overheard in Central   Ideas about the borderless world have been around since the advent of modern information communication technologies in the late-1980s. The internet, email, Skype and Google Street View have made the world a more tangible, seemingly smaller place. So, what’s […]

Long Read: Our Fellows Respond To Right Wing Populist Arguments

This year, Social Science Works has been working on the project ‘Deliberation Against Populism’ in which we have contacted citizens in Brandenburg that expressed an interest in populist political parties and arguments online. We have already explored this project in some detail on the blog, including an in-depth overview of the whole project and an […]

Alienation Online: An Analysis of Populist Facebook Pages In Brandenburg

This year, as part of the Social Science Works project ‘Deliberation gegen Populismus[1]’ we have been monitoring right-wing populist Facebook pages associated with Brandenburg. The project was financed by Tolerantes Brandenburg and included work from a group of students at the Alice Salomon Hochschule in Berlin. This led to the collection of more than 1000 […]

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