With the support of the Partnership for Democracy Westhavelland & Nauen, we are implementing a series of workshops with refugees in the refugee home in Nauen, Brandenburg, in 2024. The topics will include ethical, cultural and political diversity, but also democracy, freedom (of religion, expression, association), individual autonomy, emancipation, tolerance, identity, honor, discrimination, racism, gender equality, homosexuality, as well as the mutual fears of migrants and German citizens. You can find an overview of our deliberative approach here.

The flyer in Persian: Lass und Reden_Farsi

The flyer in Arabic: Lass uns Reden_Arabic


The painting at the top of this page is by Norman Rockwell, and is titled Freedom of Speech. Originally it was published in 1943 in the Saturday Evening Post. It is part of the series Four Freedoms, which was inspired by the State of the Union Address of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1941.

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