Our Fellows

Social Science Works is supported by an increasing group of Fellows.

Our fellows comprise a diverse, international group of scholars, mostly based in Germany, that share the core ideas behind Social Science Works.

They strive to contribute to the societal relevance of social science and to the quality of democratic decision making. For that account, they publish quality articles and blogs on our homepage targetting a broad audience and they can be hired by us to write second opinions on research about which they have expertise. Additionally, they regularly support our workshops – especially the ones on deliberation – as moderators and consultants.

Paul Börsting BA

Paul Börsting graduated from Tilburg University in Netherlands with a bachelor degree in “Liberal Arts and Sciences” majoring in Social Sciences. During his interdisciplinary study he focused on a diverse number of topics mainly in the realm of political sciences and sociology, such as migration, identity, international relations, the European Union and political theory. He finished his degree with a bachelor thesis on the expectations, motivations and effects of volunteering by refugees in Germany. Besides that, Paul enjoys getting to know other cultures and people – may it be on his travels, during his one year volunteer service in South India, in international workcamps or during his exchange semester in Hong Kong. Additionally, he enjoys music, company, food, hiking and podcasts.

Emma Eden BA

Emma Eden is a Palestinian Israeli graduate from Max Stern Yezreel Valley College in Israel. She studied Psychology and Criminology as part of her dual subject bachelor. During her studies, Emma participated in Model United Nations (MUN) that prepares students to debate social and political topics in conferences all over the world. She worked with youth in distress for 3 years, gathering perspectives on complex social issues. Furthermore, as an Arab woman growing up in Israel she observed the Israeli – Palestinian conflict from both sides and from different perspectives. She examined this in her BA thesis on the integration of Arab female students in Israel. This integration creates an ethnic identity dilemma and Emma analyzed their way of coping with it. Additionally, Emma led a workshop bridging Arab and Jewish students and encouraging them to open a conversation touching on both their issues and concerns. She is currently in Germany, and is researching forced emigration and human rights from a social cognitive perspective.

Anna Provan MA

Anna graduated with a first class degree in International Relations from The University of Edinburgh before pursuing an MSc in Social and Cultural Anthropology at University College London (UCL). For her master’s thesis, she completed a two-month period of fieldwork among a subculture of Black and Latino LGBTQ+ individuals in New York City, using ethnographic methods to understand more about the concerns of racialised sexual minorities in the urban context.

Since moving to Berlin, she has been working with a number of non-profit organisations concerned with critical research, development and advocacy. Anna’s primary research interests lie in intersectional feminism, queer theory, conflict and migration.

Phillip Reißenweber MA

Phillip Reißenweber is a political scientist and doctoral candidate at the University of Greifswald. During the course of his study his main area of interest comprised contemporary questions of political theory as well as questions of methodology and research designs. He is also a communications coach, trained in Nonviolent Communication based on the approach by Marshall B. Rosenberg. His experience with this approach towards intra- as well as interpersonal conflict resolution, with its emphasis on emotions and needs, led him to believe that emotional development is an important prerequisite for the accomplishment of democratic values like political equality and social justice. In his M.A. thesis he brought political science and Nonviolent Communication together by analysing the connections between cognitive-evaluative theories of emotions and the principles behind representative democracy. His PhD thesis partly continues this project by analysing the role of emotions in political deliberation and investigating possible designs for real-world deliberative settings. Settings which are capable to integrate even subtle aspects of
emotionality into public discourse. Besides all that Phillip is a passionate Balfolk dancer, he loves to read novels, cycling and he enjoys listening to music.

Jeanne Lenders MA

Jeanne graduated with distinction for her Master in European Studies at King’s College London, after spending the final semester at the Humboldt University in Berlin. She also holds a first-class Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Culture from the Radboud University Nijmegen. For her Master’s thesis, she conducted semi-structured interviews with young, male Afghan asylum seekers in Berlin, focussing on their displacement experience and views on German culture and gender relations. Previously, she has volunteered for the Boat Refugee Foundation in Lesvos, where she coordinated an Afghan women’s support group. Next to that, she contributed as a research assistant to a human-rights think tank in Malta and completed a training on refugee inclusion in Southern Italy. Her main research interests lie in social coherence, the power dynamics between majority and minority populations, and the gendered aspects of forced migration.

Akram Yacob MA

Akram Yacob graduated from the Hertie School of Governance with a Master in Public Policy. After spending 6 months at the United Nations Volunteers in Bonn, he wrote his thesis on the topic of improving social media stakeholder engagement using Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Prior to that, he graduated from the Singapore Management University with a Bachelor of Social Science, majoring in Sociology and Corporate Communication. Over the years, his research interests have gravitated towards technology, urbanization and development.

Born and raised in Singapore, he worked for several years in the government in Singapore. Additionally, he has been part of several start-ups from public-service platforms to decentralized AI platforms. He loves animals and has spent time volunteering with the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Singapore) and the Animal Care Center of NYC (ACC).

Raíssa Silveira MA

Raíssa is a Brazilian Masters student for Political Science at Universidade Federal de Pernambuco – Brazil, currently in Germany to expand her research on modern antisemitism. She is a BA in International Relations and a former intern for her country’s Ministry of Foreign Relations on Human Rights issues. Raíssa was also a volunteer for Palestinians’ rights and she specialized in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, when her desire to advocate against antisemitism also arose. Furthermore, she has interest for democracy studies, international organizations, media studies, forced migration, MENA studies, theology and political philosophy. She will take part in the Brazilian delegation to TUFTS University – Boston Symposium on Migration in a Turbulent World. She loves travelling and learning languages, and looks forward to developing relevant and accessible research.

Karoline Waack MA

Abdulrahman Kadi BA

Stine Jønsson MA

Stine Jønsson graduated with a master’s degree in social anthropology from Aarhus University, Denmark in 2017. Her master thesis is based on her fieldwork in the new mosque in Copenhagen, led by the female imam Sherin Khankan, the first of its kind in Scandinavia. In her thesis, she explores the opening of the mosque and the women’s engagement in it, in the light of the current political scheme, which is highly influenced by the right wing. Even though gender, Islam and Islamic feminism are themes near and dear to her anthropological heart, her field of interest also includes different movements of resistance, anti-radicalization strategies, and conflict management. She loves to travel and has had the opportunity to do fieldwork not only in Denmark but also in St. Petersburg, Russia, and Hoi An, Vietnam, where she spent a semester abroad.

Zacky Khairul Umam MA

Zacky Khairul Umam studied Middle Eastern languages and cultures in Jakarta, Canberra, and Istanbul before coming to Berlin as a Ph.D. candidate for the global intellectual history of early modern Islam at the Freie Universität Berlin (2014 until now). His popular essays on Islam, democracy, Middle Eastern cultures, pluralism, and social thought have been published in major Indonesian media since his undergraduate studies. During Fall 2018, he obtained a Global Humanities Junior Fellowship at the Comparative Thought and Literature Department of the Johns Hopkins University in the US. He is affiliated to Indonesia für Deutschland (indonesiafuerdeutschland.com), a social project to “retribute” to marginalized German societies.

Uwe Ruß MA

Asaf Leshem MA

Zaeem Mahmood Butt

Zaeem Mahmood Butt is a MA student Global Change Management from University of Sustainable Development, Eberswalde. He came to Berlin from Pakistan in 2015. Today, the world is facing many important challenges, be it political, social or ecological. As a change agent Zaeem is committed to social stability and ecological sustainability. He is looking forward to a future where we appreciate and have a spiritual connection with all living things, including humans, and resist any exploitation. Zaeem has joined Social Science Works to deepen his insights in social issues. In the upcoming year, also with the assistance of Social Science Works, he will conduct an empirical research on the motivations, prospects, and experiences of what Germany considers “economic” refugees in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Begüm Selici BA

Christina Pao

Sergiu Lucaci MA

Alexandra Johansen BA

Sarah Coughlan MA

Daniel Meehan MA

Dr. Jana Schildt

Jada Lindblom MA

Darine Atassi BA

Dr. Philipp Gerlach

Christian Kipp BA

Michael Häfelinger MA

Ivan Capriles MA

Dr. Sergiu Buscaneanu

Lily Cichanowicz BA

Martin Neise BA

Bérengère Gouraud MA

Niklas Kossow MA

Johannes Kuhnert MA

Oktay Tuncer MA

Johannes Petry MA

Paula Herrera MA

Ilyas Saliba MA

Patrick Sullivan MA

Sylvia Joss MA

Alper Baysan MA