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In the deliberative project “Deliberation against Populism” we organized two events with citizens from Brandenburg, Germany, to discuss the problems
What is the purpose of these memorials? And who are they for? What is Berlin’s evolving relationship between commemoration and tourism?
The UK’s decision to exit the EU left our generation feeling bleak and worried about the direct impact Brexit will
The calm after the storm has settled in London. The UK has had its third national election in as many
In our deliberative democracy and integration projects[i] we treat our participants – natives as well as migrants – as citizens,
The year 2016 experienced unheard of electoral turbulence. While many thought that Brexit would mark the political event to be
In the wake of the turbulent US election, social theorist Nancy Fraser wrote that the progressive neoliberal politics of the
We are delighted to launch our first Second Opinion report! Written with the support of Expat Citizens' Rights in the
All research methodologies have their limitations, as many authors have pointed before (see for example Visser, Krosnick and Lavrakas, 2000).
When “Against Elections: The Case for Democracy” by David Van Reybrouck first appeared its cover was a plain white, a