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by Hans Blokland and Raíssa Silveira Since 2016 Social Science Works has organized and implemented almost forty rows of deliberative
Could radicalization be prevented or reversed by bringing together those that have seemingly entered this path, with other not (yet)
An Anecdotal Foreword: The Case for Solution-Based Research and Inductive Reasoning By Christina Pao (Yale University '20)   In summer
Robert Dahl (1915 - 2014) is one of the most influential political scholars of the last century. His ideas on
Imagine we are dealing with a person with a rather monistic mindset, thus believing, assuming or hoping that all questions
Islamismus und vor allem islamistischer Terror ist ein sehr präsentes Thema in vielen westlichen Gesellschaften, sowie in den Konflikten im
The so-called crisis of masculinity has drawn much attention and concern by politicians, academics, the public, and most dominantly, the
On January 30, 2018, Charles Lindblom died at the age of 100. His ideas on, among others, policy making processes,
People hardly ever change their mind. The more they feel forced to justify themselves, the more they feel questioned, criticized,
Civil society organisations in Germany need to be directly empowered to use data, in order to maintain their scope for