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2016 was a banner year in atypical electoral outcomes. At the outset of the year, few would have predicted the
To many travellers, the act of visiting a tourist site, where death, tragedy or atrocity are presented in some way
The article here was published in German in Die Linke's Lotta magazine: issue 12, January 10, 2017 and is available here. The
Quickly after moving to Berlin I assumed the title of ‘expat.’ Being an American expat became part of my identity.
This year we have been working with the Landeszentrale für politische Bildung in Brandenburg to recruit German and German-speaking men
  One of the most pressing challenges to the global economy has been the global financial crisis of 2007 -
  Complex social issues are often more easily resolved when they are connected up with other societal problems. Habitual approaches
  The current shift in Europe’s demographic composition towards a more diverse populace comprised of non-whites and higher proportions of
For most people who have been watching the story of Brexit unfold, it’s been mostly about the political and economic
The message on my phone said: “I’m so, so sorry”. That’s how I learnt that the UK had voted to