Podcasts of Zak Reimer now fully accessible on our website

In the summer of 2020, our fellow Zak Reimer launched the podcast “Integration for everyone”. In these podcasts, also made possible by the Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung, he explores the host country’s role in integration. You will hear interviews with Germans, both newcomers and long-time citizens, who decided to help refugees. In these interviews, they share their experiences which offer ideas on how to build better systems of integration and also carry lessons that might improve our society as a whole. You can find the podcast here.

Until now Zak has published nine Podcasts, interviewing people from organizations like Jobs 4 Refugees (helping migrants gain entry into the German labor force), Mosaique (cultural center in Lüneberg), Potsdam Konvoi (advocating for a greater commitment to resettling refugees stuck in Greek camps), Amal Berlin! (creating news for migrants in their native languages and in German), Begegnungscafe Babelsberg (offering a space for Germans and refugees to meet and chat), Minor & Fem.OS (conducting projects to help vulnerable populations including refugees) and Wilkommen in Falkensee (seeking to improve the welcome culture and the integration in its community). Zak also offers information on the organizations he visited: what exactly are they doing, how can you find them?

More Podcasts are coming up. We look forward!

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