The German Postcode Lottery supports Social Science Works in the coaching of four groups of children and adolescents with a refugee background in Brandenburg.

Experiences of flight and trauma, language deficits, living conditions in homes, non-attendance of daycare centers lead to significantly lower educational opportunities for refugee children. With children from transitional refugee homes in Brandenburg, two groups of 10 children each aged 5 to 8 will be formed for half a year, who will be supervised by two social pedagogues for two to three hours a week. The project will include 16 encounters per group. The focus is on empowerment, creative play, and learning about the outside world.

In recent years, SSW has conducted various studies in Brandenburg on the living conditions of refugees and their children. Time and again, the particular vulnerability of children in so-called transitional refugee centers have become clear. The refugee experience and the insecure life in these homes obviously inhibit their development. In addition, the children often did not attend a daycare center and were socially and linguistically unprepared to enter elementary school. As their school careers progress, they are rarely able to catch up. Therefore, these children need to be supported in their development as early as possible.

In addition, we have formed two separate groups for girls and boys between the ages of 12 and 17. It goes without saying that young people of this age are confronted with special problems, especially if they have an migrant background and have to combine the cultural demands of the family at home and the society and peer group in the outside world. The groups provide a protected space where all relevant problems can be discussed with each other and where the two counselors can give advice and support to the girls and boys.

The project is entitled Empowering Refugee Children in Brandenburg (FA-11408).

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