Erasmus+ Project Our Europe for All concluded in Berlin

Last Friday 19 November, Social Science Works concluded the project “OUR EUROPE FOR ALL – Youth discuss Europe amongst each other and with EU parliamentarians”, made possible by the Erasmus+ programme of the EU, with a final event in Berlin, Wedding, where around 25 students gathered to meet and discuss EU-related issues. In the afternoon, the eleven EU-parliamentarians of Berlin and Brandenburg would join us to react to the ideas and questions that the students had worked out in the morning hours.

It was an exciting day for all of us. First, some results from the survey gathered in the schools were presented. Then, the students formed four groups that each discussed one of the main themes that had come out of the survey. The topics included environment, migration, education, international affairs, and the rule of law and human rights. After the lunch break, the groups shared their insights with all the other participants and took recommendations from the entire group as to what to ask the parliamentarians.

Unfortunately, only one of the eleven EU parliamentarians invited to the conference (Mr. Helmut Scholz of Die Linke) joined the afternoon session – along with two great people representing the SPD and the Grünen. It’s a great idea of the European Union to support projects that try to strengthen the interest of especially young people in the European Union. Maybe, it is an idea to inform the EU-parliamentarians about this ambition. Nevertheless, the students managed to have a lively and engaging discussion in which they talked of their worries, hopes and wishes.

An extensive report on the school surveys, workshops and the conference will be available soon. Stay tuned!

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