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I came to Germany with my brother. In Cameroon, I worked as a hairdresser. Over time, the brain develops and
At 13, I came to Germany with my mother and two sisters due to circumstances. I have been in Germany
This interview was conducted with 14-year-old Malia and her mother Eliana, both from Chechnya. Malia translated for her mother.  ~~~
I was born in Nigeria, but I left when I was a baby, so I don’t really know what life
I arrived in Germany on July 1, 2019. My husband worked in the military police in Baghdad. Opponents of the
We want to thank Malik for being so open and willing to share his story with us. It is often
We welcome a new fellow at Social Science Works who brings new expertise: Pritha Majumder. Pritha is currently a student
I am from Afghanistan. I was born in Iran, but my family is from Afghanistan. I lived in one city
I am 25 years old, from Afghanistan. I have been living here for about nine months now, since July of
The interplay between Elon Musk and the social democratic government in Brandenburg, where Tesla recently opened a Giga factory, illustrates