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“They never lived like children do—I don’t know how to put it into words—but like wild humans” (Zsófia 2018: 392).
In August 2018, I spent one month volunteering at Centro Donna Giustizia (CDG) an organisation that works to end gender
According to European Commission statistics, more than two million people risked their lives since 2015 o reach Europe in search
Twenty years ago, the American political psychologist Robert E. Lane (1917 - 2017) published The Loss of Happiness in Market
By Asaf Leshem and Matt Robinson After more than a year of almost complete worldwide shutdown, the tourism sector is
With the support of the Partnerschaft für Demokratie in Teltow-Fläming and the German Red Cross we will again implement a
In an increasingly interconnected world in which national borders are losing significance, promoting social tolerance is critical. Unfortunately, maintaining harmony
In the summer of 2020, our fellow Zak Reimer launched the podcast “Integration for everyone”. In these podcasts, also made
Social Science Works is excited to announce its upcoming youth dialogue project which just received funding from the European Union’s
In 2020, Germany has been celebrating 30 years of German unification and 30 years of democracy, pluralism and respect in