The number and diversity of podcasts available is growing by the day. More and more people are listening to these as well. In this development, Social Science Works cannot be left behind, of course. Earlier, we made available the Podcast Integration for Everyone by our BUKA Fellow Zak Reimer. Already in the United States, Zak had gained the necessary experience with podcasts, and Integration for Everyone also found many listeners. Zak has now produced a new series of Podcasts, the Social Science Works Podcast, or Das Podcast for short.

In the winter of 2022, Zak talked with Hans Blokland about some core ideas behind Social Science Works and its projects: democracy, deliberation, populism, radicalization, discrimination, usable knowledge, among other things. By introducing short series discussing one or two issues, rather than long elaborate conversations, we hope to give the listener more insight, information or even inspiration to reflect on important social-political theories, methods and problems that SSW deals with.

The Podcast can be listened to here on our website, as well as on various other platforms, including Spotify, Listen Notes, Podcast Index, Podash, Deezer, Podcastaddict, Podchaser, and PlayerFM.

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