Yamen Fouda, Andrew Sorota and Mine Gülnur Küçükyılmaz new fellows at Social Science Works

We welcomed two new interesting fellows at Social Science Works.

Mine Gülnur Küçükyılmaz completed a bachelor degree in biological studies and one in sociology at Middle East Technical University in Turkey. At the moment, she is a master student in sociology-European societies at Free University of Berlin. During her bachelor degree, she participated in an Erasmus+ mobility program in Lesvos, Greece. She has always been interested in migration studies, took many courses in this field, and through her Erasmus+ experience, she had the opportunity to practice her knowledge in the field. She volunteered in the Asterias-Starfish Foundation. Her interest areas are not limited to migration policies. Recently, she participated in the Athens Council of Europe Simulation (ACoES 2020) in which she represented Germany. This experience made her focus as well on international relations and diplomacy. Mine enjoys learning languages, watching old and classic movies and doing sports (indoor football and ice hockey).

Andrew Sorota is an undergraduate student at Yale University. He is interested in the nexus of political thought and affect theory, studying the ways in which institutions, public policy, and societal norms shape individual lived experience. As a Dahl Scholar at the Yale Institution for Social and Policy Studies, Andrew researches democratic precarity in the United States amidst increasing national diversity. He has also researched institution building efforts in the West Bank through the International Legal Foundation and was selected as a fellow for the Peace and Dialogue Leadership Initiative. At Yale, Andrew has previously served as the Chair of the largest forum for leftist thought on campus, the Chief of Staff of the only student-run political action committee in the United States, and a tutor at a local correctional institution. He has also worked on several progressive political campaigns.

Yamen Fouda is an architect and urban planner from Syria. He studied at Al-Wataniya University and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. His professional motto is “unless you put a function to your creation – it’s not architecture, it’s just visual art”. Architects not only have to create objects of beauty, but also objects that are practical and functional. To realize this goal, inputs from the social sciences are essential, which also explains Yamens interest in a cooperation with Social Science Works. In the deliberative workshops of SSW in the refugee home in Wünsdorf Yamen was one of the most involved participants. Having experienced the consequences of a lack social deliberation in Syria, he would like to contribute to the spread of deliberation in more and more communities.

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