Isabel Navarro is our new Intern!

Isabel Navarro is our Spanish intern for the summer of 2019. Isabel comes from a small town in Valencia and is currently studying International Studies and Law at Carlos III University of Madrid. Her studies are strongly interdisciplinary: sociology, politics, statistics, demography, globalization and economy. She also studied the law. Some of her main interests are inequalities, democracy, and minority and women’s rights.
Her cultural curiosity brought her to attend several courses in Germany and Austria over the past years, and from participating in several volunteering projects in Spain. Although her home University is in Madrid, she has spent two exchange semesters at the Charles University in Prague and two semesters at the University of Valencia. Isabel finishes her studies next year and she wants to spend this summer with us improving her understanding of democracy, deliberation, populism and German culture. She will especially devote time to analyze the statistical data gathered over the last couple of years by Social Science Works.

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