Actress and theater pedagogue Marie-Luise Arriens joins Social Science Works

Marie-Luise Arriens, born in Dresden, studied acting at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz/Austria after graduating from high school. In 2003 she came to Potsdam for her first engagement at the Hans-Otto-Theater. 2007-2009 followed an engagement at the Theater Bautzen. Since 2010 she has been working as a freelance actress, theater pedagogue and speaker.
Her artistic work focuses on solo productions. In preparation is a play for children from 5 years on. The theme is self-confidence and growth.

Meine gottverlassene Aufdringlichkeit (Monolog einer Frau von Christoph Nußbaumeder, Theater Am Palais Berlin)

In her theater pedagogical work with children, young people and adults, she focuses on personality development, identity issues and body awareness. In 2019, Marie-Louise founded the senior theater group “Die Vielfältigen” in Potsdam, which she has been leading ever since. Together with Mirjam Neebe, she conducted workshops under the motto “Sag mir, wer du bist” (Tell me who you are) for refugee women.

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