Europe for all. Citizens deliberate European values.

In this project, facilitated by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, citizens discuss Europe. We aim to foster a deeper understanding of the foundations of democratic participation and the values of the European Union among our participants and to promote a dialogue between them and decision-makers. There will be eight two-hour deliberative workshops with different target groups to discuss the European Union, another meeting with elected representatives from the eight workshops, and another deliberative workshop with EU parliamentarians and these representatives. In this last meeting at the Foreign Office in Berlin the suggestions, questions and ideas of the citizens will be discussed.

The overall goal of our project is to address the lack of discussion and insight regarding the European Union while creating a space for people to make their voices heard and engage with decision makers. We aim to encourage people from Berlin and Brandenburg to think about the European Union, democracy and their role and responsibility as citizens and to promote political participation through deliberative exchange with others as well as EU decision makers. The democratic involvement of people from Berlin and Brandenburg is not only beneficial for them, but would also give EU parliamentarians and other decision makers a valuable insight into people’s hopes, concerns and ideas about democracy and the European Union.

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