volunteers-891647_1280An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less until he knows absolutely everything about nothing. Nicholas Murray Butler

Social Science Works offers courses for policymakers, journalists and people active in societal organizations which help them to better understand and evaluate social research. Also in this way we hope to further public debate, the utilization of research and the quality of public decision making.

Other courses help people to understand how policies are developed, what kind of knowledge could help to formulate good and effective policies, and how those affected by policies can inform these policies with their values, goals and knowledge.

Important themes of the courses are:

  • How to read and assess research? (see for the questions learned to be asked and answered the paragraph on Social Science Watch above).
  • What kinds of knowledge and help can policymakers expect and not expect from academics?
  • What is Usable Knowledge?
  • How do policymakers as a rule make policies in open democratic societies?
  • How can research improve the quality of these policies?
  • How to further democratic participation and deliberation in the policy making process in such ways that the values, goals and knowledge of the stakeholders are incorporated and the effectiveness, efficiency and approval of the policies are enhanced?

Social Science Works furthermore forms a platform for researchers and policymakers who have doubts about the quality of particular research, are witnessing how this research nevertheless impacts decision making outcomes, and are unsure how to express their doubts in constructive ways. Their experiences are exchanged in workshops and blogs.

For an overview of some of the courses and workshops offered by Social Science Works, click here to get to the page Courses and Workshops.