Sociaalwetenschappelijke inzichten beschikbaar maken voor moderne democratieën.

Social Science Works is a social enterprise using social scientific knowledge to improve civil society. We offer services based on social research that create value for agents in the public, the academic and the non-profit sectors.

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Wij werken samen met overheden en maatschappelijke organisaties in de toepassing van sociaalwetenschappelijke inzichten bij de ontwikkeling van innovatieve projecten.

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Second Opinions

Wij beoordelen bestaand sociaalwetenschappelijk onderzoek voor overheden, maatschappelijke organisaties en journalisten.

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Wij helpen academische sociale wetenschappers om hun onderzoek te delen en toe te passen, en helpen gebruikers om het juist te interpreteren.

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Science Watch

Ongoing commentary and publications on the quality and relevance of the academic social sciences

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The SSW Blog


The Limits Of Survey Data: What Questionnaires Can’t Tell Us

All research methodologies have their limitations, as many authors have pointed before (see for example Visser, Krosnick and Lavrakas, 2000). From the generalisabilty of data to the nitty-gritty of bias and question wording, every method has its flaws. In fact, the in-fighting between methodological approaches is one of social science’s worst kept secrets: the hostility […]

against elections

Against Elections Review: Taking A Chance With Democracy

When “Against Elections: The Case for Democracy” by David Van Reybrouck first appeared its cover was a plain white, a slim volume of less than 180 pages promising a sober read despite its provocative title. Since its second edition, the cover has changed. It is now an alarming red, with Donald Trump’s face at the […]


The Wave: The Rise Of European Far-Right Populism

2016 was a banner year in atypical electoral outcomes. At the outset of the year, few would have predicted the results of the Brexit vote, the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, and the massive vote share that the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) received in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Germany – garnering […]

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