Our Fellows

Social Science Works is supported by an increasing group of Fellows.


Our fellows comprise a diverse, international group of scholars, mostly based in Germany, that share the core ideas behind Social Science Works.

They strive to contribute to the societal relevance of social science and to the quality of democratic decision making. For that account, they publish quality articles and blogs on our homepage targetting a broad audience and they can be hired by us to write second opinions on research about which they have expertise. Additionally, they regularly support our workshops – especially the ones on deliberation – as moderators and consultants.


Paul Börsting BA


Abdulrahman Kadi BA

Dr. Uwe Ruß


Asaf Leshem MA

Asaf Leshem


Zaeem Mahmood Butt

Zaeem Mahmood Butt is a MA student Global Change Management from University of Sustainable Development, Eberswalde. He came to Berlin from Pakistan in 2015. Today, the world is facing many important challenges, be it political, social or ecological. As a change agent Zaeem is committed to social stability and ecological sustainability. He is looking forward to a future where we appreciate and have a spiritual connection with all living things, including humans, and resist any exploitation. Zaeem has joined Social Science Works to deepen his insights in social issues. In the upcoming year, also with the assistance of Social Science Works, he will conduct an empirical research on the motivations, prospects, and experiences of what Germany considers “economic” refugees in Berlin and Brandenburg.


Begüm Selici BA


Christina Pao


Sergiu Lucaci MA

Sergiu VII

Alexandra Johansen BA

Sarah Coughlan MA


Daniel Meehan MA

Dr. Jana Schildt


Jada Lindblom MA

Jada Lindblom 2

Darine Atassi BA


Dr. Philipp Gerlach


Dr. Marie de Vazelhes

Marie de Vazelhes

Christian Kipp BA


Michael Häfelinger MA

Michael Häfelinger

Ivan Capriles MA

Ivan Capriles

Dr. Sergiu Buscaneanu

Sergiu Buscaneanu

Lily Cichanowicz BA

lily_fg_3 copy

Martin Neise BA

Martin Neise

Bérengère Gouraud MA


Niklas Kossow MA


Johannes Kuhnert MA


Oktay Tuncer MA

Johannes Petry MA

picture Johannes Petry

Paula Herrera MA


Ilyas Saliba MA

Ilyas Saliba


Katrin Lieck MA


Alexandra Ioan MA


Patrick Sullivan MA

Sylvia Joss MA

Alper Baysan MA